Security for multiple boats

Fydico Link is the best security system for marinas, sailing clubs and boating associations.


Always visible

Fydico clearly shows that your boat is secured. The recognizable orange connector makes the thief think twice, before making an attempt.

Easy to use

Use the wireless key or your smartphone to unlock your boat. Easy and simple. 


With no contact surfaces in metal, Fydico is protected against rust. The orange connector is solid-cast and developed in collaboration with marine professionals.


Intelligent lock

With fibre optics, Fydico secures your motor with a digital circuit. The motor cannot be removed, without breaking the circuit.


Unlock with app

With the Fydico app for iOS and Android you can unlock your boat remotely. Great if you want to share your boat with others.


Unique Fydico Link features


Fleet control

Fydico Link gives you advanced management of up to 50 boats. Control which users can access specific boats and who gets notified in case of an alarm.


The units in a Fydico Link system will actively monitor each-other. This means increased security, the more boats you have connected to the system.


New units are easily added to the Fydico Link system when you need to secure more boats.



Buy Fydico Link

The price for a Fydico Link system depends on the scale of your installation and the conditions around the boats you need to secure.

For securing ex. 6 boats


*pr. boat, w/o delivery and installation. Price includes VAT

Fydico Link is sold directly through Fydico. Installation can be carried out by people with experience in maintenance of boats and motors*.

*connection to 220V must be carried out by a qualified electrician.



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