The Fydico Story

FYDICO started in 2011 when a group of friends and students of SDU in Sonderborg, decided to design a solution to prevent the ever increasing number of boat and motor thefts. The idea emerged through the groups own relation to the local sailingclub. Here the club was spending time and resources preventing theft of their equipment, by towing their boats on land and by spraypainting the motors to make them less attractive to thieves.
In 2012 FYDICO won the local Sonderborg Entrepreneurship Award for best idea and have since been developed and tested for 2 seasons. FYDICO is currently used in marinas all over Denmark.


The Team

Kristian Lolk Rautert

Kristian is a hardware engineer with years of experience in embedded development, mainly from the defense industry. Kristian was the initiating partner of the Fydico concept. With Jakob he is in charge of sales and produkct development.

mail: kristian (a)


Bjarne Michelsen

Bjarne holds a master degree in embedded software development and has several years of experience with embedded software development. Bjarne is also the teams self-defense and often brings home trophies from Taekwondo tournaments, home and abroad.

mail: bjarne (a)


Frederik Gottlieb

Frederik holds a master degree in IT and Interaction Design and is responsible for the sublime user experience of the Fydico products. He has several years of experience from various research projects in user centered design and product development.

mail: frederik (a)